$29 Chiropractic Health Special – no medication needed!

True correction involves getting to the underlying health issue rather than covering up the pain with medication.

Dr. Alex Gompers cares for the whole body using non-invasive yet effective techniques that not only relieve pain, but also improve overall health and increase total well-being.

This special is only available to the next 15 first-time visitors that submit their information, so claim yours now!  Just enter your name, email and phone number.  Dr. Alex will get back to you to schedule your appointment within 24 hours.  Be sure to mention the code “ChiroHS29” to receive your discount.

Can’t wait?  Call the office at 412-440-7534 and schedule your appointment now!

Sign up for our $29 Chiropractic Health Special, which includes the following:

  • Complete Consultation
  • Detailed Evaluation, which includes a nervous system assessment and an SEMG
  • Full Doctor’s report of findings
  • Wellness advice
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